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This website is dedicated to discussing our experiences, personal and terrifying as they may be, in an effort to not only share what actually happened to us, but also prevent these experiences from becoming someone elses

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Interactive Forums, Chat Rooms on Recovery, Real Testimonials, Blogs, Real Testimonials, 12-Step Programs & The Gift of Recovery

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Discuss Horror Stories, Scared Sober, Recovery, 12-step programs & Success Stories

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Is Marijuana a Dangerous Drug?

Is it Addictive? We Value Your Opinions, Personal Accounts & FeedBack

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Success? In-Patient vs IOP?

What has Worked for You? When is Treatment Necessary?

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True, Un-edited Testimonial Of Delirium Tremens from Start to End. This 35,000 Word Account of a 4 Day Experience Like Never Detailed Before

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